Raising Productivity and Safety starts with Effective Training

Productivity Driver


All our workstations have a benchmark, set by a high performing tradespeople in front of the trainees. The purpose was to set an example in how the stations should be performed quickly, safely and as a team. The main driving force is to create a challenge for these trainees to work towards and which can be maintained in employment.

If you can imagine, building these workstations over and over again, which they do 5 or 6 times over the course of eight weeks, it would get pretty monotonous. When there are benchmarks to work towards, the frame of mind is always trying to better the other teams and their own previous time. This is similar to how world records motivate elite athletes. Unknown to themselves, it lifts their work ethic in an enjoyable way. Our training technique is not to show them how, rather it’s to show them what must be achieved to be valuable employees and value for money. Note – their score is not counted if safety and quality KPIs are not met.

3aWe track their time on our technology platform Productivity Driver to show them their progress, the competition between them is amazing.

Our success from the benchmarking has lead us to design Productivity Driver to replace the docket book, where benchmarks are set on individual tasks, making employees accountable for safety, quality and performance. Contractors will be able to see how their money is spent on labour, see who’s performing and who’s not performing. The backbone of Productivity Driver is already built and ready to roll out. Productivity Driver’s approach is for our team of developers to work with personnel on the ground to ensure full integration into individual companies to improve “take up” at the enterprise and site levels.